Vevo’s 75,000 HD music videos come to Samsung Smart TVs

One of the fun things to check out on my website is the playlists for each of my books: the music I listened to “to get in the mood.” On my computer, music isn’t categorized by country, Top 40, ’80s and the like, but by happy, sad, suspense, scary and action. Red Hill is set in the Midwest with some country characters, but I wanted the playlist to appeal to readers who might not care for country music, so I added in upbeat music that included a lot of guitar without the twang. The only exception is Skeeter McGee’s entrance song, Copperhead Road by Steve Earle, because, quite frankly, no other song would fit him. I listened to I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons when writing about Scarlet sprinting through town to try to reach her daughters. It has an anxious but hopeful undertone that I wanted to bring into the writing. Islands by Young the Giant was perfect for the long days Scarlet spent alone waiting for someone anyone to arrive at the ranch. Into the Mystic by Van Morrison is a song that sounded close enough to country without being country, and it reflects the sweet moments between Nathan and Scarlet. Joy Williams and John Paul White of The Civil Wars. Their song “The One That Got Away” is on Jamie McGuire’s playlist for her new novel, “Red Hill.” (Photo: Tec Petaja) I added some newer tracks toward the end that I am really excited about, such as Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. The melody is so haunting, the lyrics and Lana’s voice so full of emotion and grief, that the listener has no choice but to be pulled into the music. And The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars evokes the underlying anger that Miranda suffers when the group experiences a loss. I prefer to end my playlists the same way I end my novels: on an upbeat note.


Vevo’s 75,000 HD music videos come to Samsung Smart TVs The app can also act as a streaming option, allowing users to play a particular genre’s songs one after the other. October 9, 2013 7:49 AM PDT Vevo running on a Samsung Smart TV. (Credit: Vevo) Vevo has brought its music videos to Samsung Smart TVs. The company on Wednesday announced that its 75,000 HD music videos are now available through a Vevo app on Samsung Smart TVs. The app is also available on Samsung Blu-ray players, and is optimized to work on both devices. When users boot up the free app, they’ll find Vevo TV, a linear music channel featuring different songs and videos throughout the day. Users can also choose to browse the company’s list of videos, search for content, or pick a genre and let songs within that stream all day. Vevo’s app is available now in the US, Canada, France, and several other countries. It’s available only on 2012 and 2013 Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. Topics: