An archaeologist digs out a possibly Roman skull from the site of the graveyard of the Bethlehem, or Bedlam, hospital next to Liverpool Street Station in the City of London. The dig is on the site of the future ticket hall for the Crossrail station at Liverpool Street.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan just kicked in $20 million of his own money for improvements to EverBank Field . The Falcons recently chose a spot just south of the Georgia Dome for their new $1 billion stadium . Looking to replace the Coliseum, Raiders are scouting land in Concord . The dates of the games and opponents for each club will be announced later this season. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pointed to the increased popularity of the International Series as the reason for the addition of a third game. “Our fans in the UK have continued to demonstrate that they love football and want more,” Goodell said. “Both of this year’s games in London sold out quickly. The fan enthusiasm for our sport continues to grow. By playing two games in the UK this year, we are creating more fans. We hope that with three games in London next year we will attract even more people to our game.” The Minnesota Vikings ‘ 34-27 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 4 drew a crowd of more than 83,000 to Wembley. More impressively, roughly 520,000 attended a football festival on London’s famed Regent Street the day before the game.

So what are the scholars who uncovered these storied skulls saying about their find? We asked discovery team archaeologist Don Walker of the Museum of London Archaeology . What is the associationif anywith Boudicca’s rebellion? It has been suggested that previous finds of skulls dating to this period may belong to victims of the rebellion, and beheading is certainly not unheard of in Roman Britain. This is a possibility that must be considered but cannot be satisfactorily addressed until full analysis of all material is complete. A quick look at some of the unwashed skulls revealed no evidence of injury around the time of death. But if these people were executed, we might find evidence only on the small vertebrae of the neck and perhaps the jaw. Even if this was part of a massacre, and there is no evidence that it was, it would be difficult to link it directly to the Boudicca rebellion. Of course, we will keep an open mind for now. What can you hope to learn from the skulls about life in Roman Britain? Funnily enough, skeletons normally tell us much more about how people lived than how they died. This is what makes them so valuable to scientists in the study of the past, being direct evidence of our predecessors’ lives and experiences.

Kawakami: London calling Raiders could only happen post-Al

The NFL usually guarantees the “home” teams the equivalent of the money from a regular home sellout, so teams (like the Raiders) that aren’t sure they actually can get sellouts are more likely to accept the cash guarantee and take the home designation in London. Therefore, the teams that usually lose the dates are the weaker teams, or at least the ones with the weakest ticket bases, and giving up the home game further weakens the base and the cycle goes on. You don’t want to be in that cycle, but sometimes the cash is the cash. Understandable. Al even in the worst ticket-selling days of Raiders history in Oakland would’ve never given up a home date for a cash guarantee, because to Al winning the game was always paramount and nothing else was close. And it’s always better and easier to do that on home turf, not flying thousands of miles to play in a soccer stadium just to make sure the NFL’s international branding is sufficient. I would presume Al Davis knew that even beyond the factors involving one game, losing a home game and adding immense extra travel in the middle of an already taxing season would put a toll on his team that probably could be measured in extra losses. (And Al already knew and was incredibly proud of the fact that the Raiders were an international brand all themselves, wherever they played.) The Raiders didn’t play well at all in Al’s final years, but it would’ve been worse if he had agreed to give up a home date in any one of them, which the NFL knew better than to even ask. I’ve followed this closely since 2010, when the 49ers gave up a home date to “host” in London and Jed York swore to me that there was no proof that giving up a home date could hurt a team’s chancesand he implied that it actually could help. That was provably wrong then… and now. The 49ers went to London and beat Denver that year, but went 6-10 in Mike Singletary’s last season (of course if the trip helped lead to his firing, you could argue that it helped the 49ers, I realize) and that was just more facts pumped into the pattern.