Gust (finance) The site is a sort of for entrepreneurs and investors. Businesses looking for funding can set up a company profile, create video pitches and track their investor activity. Investors, meanwhile, can manage their applications for funding and their client portfolios. The Chelsea-based company now employs 30 people and has users in 220 countries, said CEO David Rose. Foreign & Commonwealth Office/via YouTube Floored uses 3-D scanning, HDR photography, and algorithmic and manual reconstruction to map a floorspace. Floored (hardware) Floored is targeted toward the real estate industry and turns floor plans into an interactive 3-D experience. The company, started in 2012, employs 13 people at its SoHo location. Co-founders David Eisenberg, Dustin Byrne and Judy He tout the technology as the future of the industry. Clients can either have their physical floor spaces scanned as a 3-D image or have a space designed based on traditional 2-D plans. Foreign & Commonwealth Office/via YouTube Tech startup Floored employs 13 people at its SoHo office. Eventually, Eisenberg said, he wants the company’s tools to be made available to consumers who might want to redecorate their homes or offices. Setting up shop in the U.K. would be a major push. “The award for us is all about scoping the U.K.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer predicts Republicans will back down from demands on Obamacare restrictions

I would also like to think that New Yorkers have a BS detector that would keep the Tea Party zealots out of government. For many New Yorkers, America is a sanctuary from political crazies. Forty percent of the people who live in New York City were born in other countries. Many came here for economic opportunity, but some fled from tyrants. New Yorkers like politics that is competent, occasionally entertaining, but generally quiet and low key. We deal with enough unbalanced people in our daily lives and have no desire to be governed by any of them. This is a city of constant bargains, compromises and deals along with an unwritten but generally understood code of conduct. All these people in close proximity to each other wouldn’t survive without it. An example of our constant search for a deal was on display last week when New York City’s business elite applauded Bill de Blasio’s breakfast talk on income redistribution . Not the business community’s favorite subject, but hey, “that Bill, what a guy!”. And as de Blasio’s poll numbers continued to rise, the presumptive Mayor went around the city collecting campaign cash from high rollers while making reassuring noises about the need for a business-friendly city government. The City’s business community is getting ready to make a deal and accommodate themselves to the new political reality. And de Blasio is starting to make the move from an outsider, long shot insurgent, to a powerful and important part of New York’s ruling elite. In Washington, we see a different story.

New York AG subpoenas Airbnb in ‘bad actors’ battle

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Airbnb, which helps people rent out their houses or apartments for a period of time, said last week that it has 225,000 community members in New York. The Attorney General’s office has been investigating Airbnb for more than a month, a person familiar with the investigation told CNET. The investigation stemmed from complaints by lawmakers and housing advocates. Related stories Tampa is the nicest city in America, says Airbnb The crux of the issue appears to be so-called “bad actors” who find short-term rentals and run amok, according to a person familiar with the investigation. Some of those renters could be sidestepping paying taxes, the person indicated. In addition, the attorney general’s office wants to target those who are renting out multiple units in violation of state law or who are renting out their properties for longer than expressly allowed under the state’s tax laws, a person familiar with the investigation said. A person who is simply trying to rent out their units every now and then — a so-called “casual user” — will not be targeted in the investigation, according to the person. In its statement on the matter, Airbnb said that it agrees that “bad actors” are an issue, and indicated that it believes the attorney general’s office “is only seeking to target an incredibly small number of bad actors who abuse the Airbnb platform.” Despite that cooperation, Airbnb bristled a bit at the subpoena, indicating that the attorney general’s office wants access to all New York-based short-term renters on the company’s service, despite plans to go after those bad actors. Airbnb wants to work with the attorney general to weed out the troublesome renters and keep the rest of its data secure and outside the prying eyes of lawmakers. “We are confident we can reach a solution that protects your personal information and cracks down on people who abuse the system,” Airbnb said today in a statement. The Attorney General’s legal action is just the latest issue Airbnb has faced over the last year . The company has been targeted by governments far and wide over its service, which some say, hurts the hotel business. Airbnb argues that such claims only serve to cater to ” entrenched interests ,” and believes that its service is actually helping the hospitality industry, not hurting it.

New York tech startups awarded opportunity to launch in London

Chuck Schumer predicts Republicans will back down from demands on Obamacare restrictions Let me make a prediction,’ Schumer said Monday on CNN. ‘When we get close to debt ceiling, (House Speaker John Boehner) will have to break with the tea party.’ By Adam Edelman / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, October 7, 2013, 3:03 PM Comment CNN Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Monday he thinks House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will fold before the nation reaches its debt ceiling on Oct. 17. Related Stories Why the Debt Ceiling Is a Better Fight Than the Continuing Resolution for the GOP New York Sen. Chuck Schumer insisted Monday that House Republicans would back down from their demands to link Obamacare restrictions to keeping the government funded before the country reaches its borrowing limit later this month. Let me make a prediction, Schumer said Monday on CNN. When we get close to debt ceiling, ( House Speaker John Boehner ) will have to break with the tea party. RELATED: BOEHNER: BUDGET SHUTDOWN WONT END WITHOUT NEGOTIATIONS The debt ceiling is such a calamitous possibility that you could go into a recession or even a depression worse than Lehman Brothers and AIG in 2008, that he will have no choice, Schumer added. New Yorks senior senator went on to re-issue a challenge to Boehner that many top Democrats have already thrown toward the embattled Republican House leader: call a vote on the House floor for a clean continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded. RELATED: REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN TIM GRIFFIN BLASTS DEMOCRATS FOR VIOLENT RHETORIC DURING CAPITOL SHOOTING Just put it on the floor, lets see if we have the votes, Schumer said. I have very little doubt if the Speaker put it on the floor, it would pass. But Boehner claimed just a day earlier that he would not have enough votes, across both parties, to pass either a clean debt ceiling increase or a clean government funding bill.