Not to mention that at $17+ dollars per ticket, I can wait a few months and watch it on Blu-ray for basically the same amount, on a screen not much smaller, in the comfort of my own home. Well, the Prima Cinema takes the wait out, letting you get movies at home while theyre still in the theater. If youre hoping for some sort of cheap, Apple Apple TV-sized box to stream movies from the Internet, youre out of luck. Its more like the Kaleidescape movie server , in that its a hard drive with a lot of copy protection. How It Works On built-in, encrypted hard drives, up to 50 2D or 3D movies can be stored. The player itself is made in the US and is rack-mountable. The separate fingerprint scanner (you read that right), has a die-cast aluminum chassis. The player connects to your display via HDMI. Movies are automatically downloaded, but you only pay for the movies you watch. Prima claims better than Blu-ray quality and twice the sharpness of Blu-ray which is a bit of a stretch, seeing as the resolution is 1080p/24 (same as Blu-ray). The encoded bit rate is twice that of Blu-ray (less compression ) and there are more bits per color . So presuming your equipment can handle the latter, it should be a little better than BD. That said,even if it looks the same as Blu-ray, thats still excellent. Currently, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Magnolia Pictures Millennium and Cinedigm offer movies on Prima.

The 5 Best Halloween-Themed Horror Movies

If those inside the theaters couldnt see the financial lure of popcorn, enterprising street vendors didnt miss a beat: they bought their own popping machines and sold popcorn outside the theaters to moviegoers before they entered the theater. As Smith explains, early movie theaters literally had signs hung outside their coatrooms, requesting that patrons check their popcorn with their coats. Popcorn, it seems, was the original clandestine movie snack. Beyond wanting to maintain appearances, early movie theaters werent built to accommodate the first popcorn machines; the theaters lacked proper ventilation. But as more and more customers came to the theater with popcorn in hand, owners couldnt ignore the financial appeal of selling the snack. So they leased lobby privileges to vendors, allowing them to sell their popcorn in the lobby of their theater (or more likely on a bit of street in front of the theater) for a daily fee. Vendors didnt complain about this arrangementselling popcorn outside the theater widened their business potential, as they could sell to both moviegoers and people on the street. Eventually, movie theater owners realized that if they cut out the middleman, their profits would skyrocket. For many theaters, the transition to selling snacks helped save them from the crippling Depression. In the mid-1930s, the movie theater business started to go under. But those that began serving popcorn and other snacks, Smith explains, survived. Take, for example, a Dallas movie theater chain that installed popcorn machines in 80 theaters , but refused to install machines in their five best theaters, which they considered too high class to sell popcorn. In two years, the theaters with popcorn saw their profits soar; the five theaters without popcorn watched their profits go into the red. Eventually, movie theater owners came to understand that concessions were their ticket to higher profits, and installed concession stands in their theaters.

Prima Cinema Brings First-Run Movies To Your Home

Prima Cinema server

4. Sleepy Hollow (1999) Based, or loosely based, on the story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ tells the tale of constable Ichabod Crane (played wonderfully by Johnny Depp) who is sent to the quiet town to investigate the decapitations of three people when he is ultimately confronted by the legendary Headless Horseman. Oh, yeah, and it’s directed by Tim Burton. See it. 3. Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) At number three, ‘Dark Night of the Scarecrow’ is actually a deeply-disturbing-but-wonderfully-fantastic voyage into true terror. A mentally challenged man is wrongfully accused of murder and returns as a scarecrow to seek revenge; the scarecrow’s only ally/friend: a small girl. Creepy, eerie, all of those words that describe that same icky feeling. 2. Halloween (1978) Yes, I ranked the immortal classic ‘Halloween’ number 2. Don’t get me wrong; it is, in my mind, of the greatest films ever made, period.

Busan film fest grows on goodwill of Asia’s stars

Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok opened this year’s Busan International Film Festival for a mere 500,000 won, or $465, according to Yang Heon Kyu, who oversees the festival’s budget. In 2012, Chinese actress Tang Wei accepted the same amount. The goodwill from big-name stars is one indication of how important Busan has become to the Asian film industry in less than two decades. It is not just actors. Lee Chang-dong, whose “Poetry” won best screenplay at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, is receiving 1 million won ($928) to serve as dean of the festival’s 18-day training academy for novice filmmakers. Other veteran filmmakers received 300,000 won ($278) or less for teaching. “The dean has to buy dinner for students,” said Yang, explaining why the pay is higher. China’s Jia Zhang-ke and Iran’s Abbas Kiarostami are among acclaimed filmmakers who have taught at Busan in past years. FILE – In this Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 photo, the Busan International Film Festival village is seen on The festival also has nearly 900 volunteers to assist audiences, screen movies, sell tickets and ensure subtitles are in place while getting paid less than $10 a day during the 10-day festival. Volunteers are a staple of film festivals around the world, though the sheer number of them at Busan is unusual. “There’s almost no film festivals with so many volunteers like here,” said Kim Ji-seok, the festival’s executive programmer. The festival in Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city, is one of the most important events in the Asian film industry, drawing more than 200,000 visitors last year.